From the recording A Man Who Dreams Awake

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"I Want to Believe" from my CD "A Man Who Dreams Awake"

This CD is part of my "mission" to help others find comfort, hope, inspiration & strength through the power of music.

This song is about feeling afraid, and taking a giant leap of faith anyway into the "unknown" - the place where hope and miracles live.


Daylight, let me rest my weary head…on your bed
Feels like, I should replace this sorrow with some joy instead

Carried by the winds of change
I want to feel that way again

I want to believe, ripped apart, torn asunder
Struck by thunder
I want to believe, set alight, burned alive, will I be revived
I want to believe, tell me how to heal this broken heart
I want to believe, I will say it again…I want to believe.

Daylight, let me rest my weary bones, I think it's time to come home
Feels like it's time to shed the darkness and that heavy load
It's been too long

I think I need another plan
So next time I'll be a better man


I want to believe 7x

Oh, I want to believe
Yes I wanna believe
Make me believe