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  1. I Want To Believe

From the recording Acoustic Demos


Daylight, let me rest my weary head…on your bed Feels like, I should replace this sorrow with some joy instead Carried by the winds of change, I want to feel that way again Chorus: I want to believe, but I've been ripped apart and torn asunder Struck by lighting and by thunder I want to believe, but I've been set alight and burned alive, this soul may never be revived I want to believe, tell me how to heal this broken heart and I will show you all my scars I want to believe, I will say it again…I want to believe. Daylight, let me rest my weary bones, I think its time to come home Feels like, it's time to shed the darkness and this heavy load It's been too long I think I need another plan So next time Ill be a better man Chorus: Instrumental Chorus: I want to believe 4x