*"Hangover, a feel-good song, you can sing-along to."

Control Radio UK 

*"Hangover...A very strong single." 

Manilla PR

*"Mark Villarosa comes across as an accomplished singer/song writer/musician with a love for what he is doing!" 

Way Out Radio UK

*"Mark Villarosa is a 21st century British Acoustic Pop Rock Singer Songwriter with an 80’s Retro twist whose output I most definitely file under timeless."

TD1 Radio 106.5 FM

*“A brilliant performance. Singer with rock star personality Mark Villarosa put on a deep rock style voice, giving an Audioslave-like backdrop to the bands strong guitar riffs and drum rolls....”

Surface Unsigned Festival Review

*“Mark Villarosa didn’t just make the night.. His energy and excitement lifted the crowd...”

Up All Night Music @ the Spice of Life

*"MV is a fantastic writer, great composer and a wonderful singer. A combination that makes him a must for music lovers of all genres."


*"Brilliant and an excellent song writer who translates his ideas messages and deep emotions into music. "The Path" in particular is one of the best songs ever written so beautiful and soul touching." 


*"Inspiring creative excellent song writer and a very good singer" 


*"Mark Villarosa is an inspiration as he is a talented musician. He has a unique style of acoustic rock music. His songs tells us stories, of his own experience, in a honest and a soul - touching way, that people can relate to.

On stage, he captivates his audience, connecting with them through his vocals while strumming the guitar to any song." 


*"Love this guys music and good vibes." 


*“Can't pidgeon-hole this one - too much unique talent! I found ‘Comin Home’ after discovering some of Mark Villarosa's more recent work, most notably his soon-to-be released "Hangover" single.

I like the fact I can't categorize this album. Though there are echoes of Stone Temple Pilots, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and even Chris Daughtry, the sound is unique.

Lead guitar and vocal hooks that will wake you up at night and stay with you all day are prevalent throughout this album. Mark Villarosa is certainly a talented singer-songwriter with appeal across genres and audiences. I'll be looking for more of his work.”


*“I feel at home with this music, it touches my soul. Deep and meaningful, yet funky and uplifting I love it.”


*"These songs are wonderful. I LOVE them."


*“Great sounds, very well written... What a great purchase...well recommended”


*“Distinctive sound, great melodies and lyrics. Love it.”


*“I play it over and over. I love all the great musical influences that I hear. It is art, beautiful melodic vocals and music arrangement.”


*“Such a talented singer songwriter with an amazing voice and a way of touching you with his music.”


*“I have followed Mark's stuff for years and it just keeps getting better!”


*“Sounding really good. Can't wait to hear it on radio playlists. It's only a matter of time”


*“So beautiful! I listen every chance I get...what a beautiful voice and play the guitar very well! love love love it!


*"Just a beautiful voice." 


*"Another soul touching music from the genius himself-MV! Cannot wait to hear the other tracks soon! Great job as always" 


*"I was just recently introduced to Mark Villarosa and getting to know his music and his views and it's brought so much inspiration to my life.. I really love the music so soothing to my soul.. totally brilliant!"