Mark Villarosa


Mark Villarosa


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I’m in a daze

Lost in a haze

Must be one of those days

I can’t make heads nor tails

Kinda wishin that I was somebody else

Leave a message there’s nobody here

The answering message rings so clear

Gonna  try to style it out

Make em believe I can leave em without a doubt


But can you erase, tears as they race

From your eyes and down your face

Do you wanna be, somebody new

If it makes it all better?


Well, this hangover

Its sweet and it’s comforting

Better than remembering those things

I said, things I should've said to you leftover

Like a hangover

It’s killing me right now

Remembering why and how, I missed the chance

To say those words to you

I should’ve said those words to you


I feel the blues

From my head to my shoes

So much to lose

How can I possibly make a stand

when I got myself tangled in a noose

Leave a message there’s nobody here

Her answering message rings so clear

Ill style it out

But it now leaves me without a doubt


That she has erased

The smile on her face

As she turned to walk away

Cause maybe she wants to be

Somebody new

Without you



Yes, I think it’s clear by now there ain't

no master plan

And that I ain't no superman

Yes, if it’s true that all is fair in

Love and war

Then I should’ve just said the words

before you walked out the door

But instead I said: nothing

Instead I said, nothing...



…… Would it have changed your point of view

I don’t know

I don't know,

Do you?