Mark Villarosa

Comin Home

by Mark Villarosa & Bamboojuice

Released 2007
Released 2007
Powerful, catchy and melodic choruses, infused with heartfelt lyrics that are real and moving. With the crashing intro of "Scared of Heights", each song then continues to deliver with a passion, optimism and conviction that jumps out at you.
  • 04:55 Scared of Heights
  • 05:27 Amber
  • 03:49 Comin Home
  • 04:36 Cravin
  • 04:49 Story Lyrics Liz


    Well I’m a witness to my own crime but I can’t seem to find a handle to this case
    I feel compelled to hide my story but the truth is clearly written on my face
    One more shot is all I need there are some who still believe love is the power supreme

    I need a bit of that optimism, cause that belief for me aint nothing but a dream

    And when my boots fill up with muddy water
    Is there anybody out there

    She says it feels, so good to be alive
    She says it feels, so good to be alive

    Found myself standing at the station, I’m waiting for a train that won’t arrive
    And in a sudden revelation I realise this is something like my life

    With all the rain and stormy weather I’ve worn it like a feather in my hat, just like that

    I need a change in my perspective, don’t even need you to tell me that

    And when my eyes fill up with salty water
    I need a dose of that good vibe laughter
    I’m standing right outside her door
    She opens it up I know she'll make it better

    She says it feels, so good to be alive
    She says it feels, so good to be alive
    She says it feels..

    So good to be alive

    You’re born you live and then you die
    So while were here then we must try
    To make the most of what we've got
    I’ve got you
    That is quite a lot.