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You Owe it to Yourself to Reach for your Dreams

Bottom line: You owe it to yourself to reach for your dreams, and keep moving in the direction of where they are.

Who knows how much time you have left, so why put off working towards your dreams for some later time?

Do that s*** now. Many of the things you want are right there in front of you if you’re willing to take that first step, and just reach out towards them.

Here are a few things I've lived through with (literally) blood, sweat & tears that helped me, so hope it helps you too...


We’re all guilty of this one. You want something, but you know it’s a distant goal. You think to yourself, “SOMEDAY, I’ll have that.”

Guess what?

Someday? That's not a real date. Look at the calendar, there's Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Where's Someday? I think you get my drift.

When you commit to getting something “someday,” you’re really saying, “My goal is to hopefully, hazily have this at some point in the future.” It becomes a target, you may never reach...because it's constantly moving.

It isn’t until you commit a CONCRETE date that you can make meaningful progress. “Right, that thing? Yes, I’m going make sure I have that in my life by January 15, 20--.”

January 15, 20-- is not someday anymore. Now It’s REAL. Whether you achieve your something or not by that date, with constant positive action you will be closer to it than if you did not commit to a date or an objective in the first place.


This might sound counterintuitive, but if you’re not getting what you want, it might be because your standard is too low. Sounds backwards, right? If you can’t reach something, then shouldn’t you lower your standard so your goal is easier to achieve?

I’m feeling your logic, but unfortunately, brains aren’t logical most of the time.

If you have a low standard, your brain thinks to itself, “F*** that. That’s not an inspiring goal. I’m not getting out of bed for that.”

By setting a higher standard than the one you already have, you have something to live UP to. You have something inspiring. Motivation finds you more easily because you have to be on top of your game if you’re going to even keep up, let alone achieve it.


One of the major reasons why people can’t seem to move towards their goals is because their reasons suck. They aren’t powerful. They aren’t personal. They aren't empowering. They aren’t kick ass enough.

For example, why do you want a new job? Is it because you dislike your current one?

Well, that’s not an inspiring reason to leave. It’s based on avoidance, and it’s not offering a brighter future somewhere else definite.

Instead drill down and keep asking yourself, “WHY?”

Why do you dislike your current job?

Is it what you do, or is it how people treat you? How exactly are people treating you that frustrates you? Really make sure you understand the f*** out of your current situation FIRST.

The better you understand it, the better you understand WHY you need to leave and WHAT kind of new situation you need to find as your next destination - or even, WHAT you can do to improve your current situation, exactly where you are.

From there, focus on something you want to move toward. Get SPECIFIC about the kind of life you do want and why you want it. How will it improve your life? your self-esteem? your bank account? your self-image? your sense of purpose?

IMAGINE the things and feelings you would get from it. Even take a moment to imagine that you already have this life. “Try on” how it would feel. Remember that state of mind and allow it to inspire to reach your goals. Live your dream NOW, in your mind.


You can’t get to Point B if you keep both feet firmly on Point A.

You can’t get where you want to go by staying where you are and doing everything the same. You need to be willing to risk something — whether it’s money or failure or being alone — if you’re going reach your goals, you need to take a leap of faith at some point. To receive new “gifts” from the universe, you’ll have to empty your hands of whatever is in them, that isn’t serving you anymore.

You also need to be willing to give up things, maybe cut down that TV time or hanging around people that bring your energy down and possibly even put off other, less important goals.

The fewer goals you focus on, the better chance you give yourself to reaching one of them. If you spread yourself too thin? good luck.


The icing on the cake is to ingrain daily habits into your life that will take you to the promised land.

You don’t just wake up overnight and suddenly discover that you’ve done it. That s*** happens over time, often - after a lot of (hard) work.

So, it’s time to do that work. This is actually the fun part for me, and no - I’m not a masochist : D

First step is to start clearly visualising your end goal. What is your “end result” like? Take inventory of the type of person you will be when you reach that goal. What skills have you gained? What’s your bank account looking like? What people have you surrounded yourself with? Where are you? What are you like?

Now work BACKWARDS to where you are right now. Do a little ruthless "stock taking inventory" - and have fun with it. What’s missing today that you’ll need to add, to reach that dream you just visualised? What skills are you missing? what kind of people do you need to surround myself with? what kind of people do you need to eject from your life? what kind of things should you be filling your mind with, spending your valuable time on?..

Remember this, your dream isn’t one big thing; it’s a set of small things. You might not be able to reach your EPIC dream overnight, but you can reach a lot of the “mini-dreams” every step along the way, every day, every week, every month. Sounds fun right?

And if you keep reaching those mini-goals?... over time it adds up to achieving your big dream...and someday soon, your EPIC dream.

Next, create habits that move you towards each of those dream checkpoints. You might need to sign up for some classes, read books to learn some skills or meet new people. Maybe you need to make a habit of getting out there in the world to meet MORE people. Maybe you need to change your environment.

Once you’re able to take your big picture and reduce it down to this daily level? there’s no limit to what you can do.

Your dreams better start running because you'll be gaining on them, like the Dream Terminator, and achieving the f*** out of ’em.

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