Mark Villarosa

WooHOo! Today is CD Launch Day!

Hello! Wherever you are in the world
Today's the Day! Finally got there.
I wanted to say it to you first

I'm very happy to officially announce 
the launch of my EP! :  )

"A Man Who Dreams Awake"

Can I have a WooHoo please? ; D

Several online stores
are launching it today
and over the next few days. 
The ones I recommend
are the following (just click):

-----} For Physical CD's: CDBaby

-----} Amazon

-----} BandCamp

-----} iTunes

If the store allows
you to leave a comment or 
review? Please leave me one, it 
would help a lot :  )

This EP is part of my "mission" to help
others find inspiration
through music,
your comment or review
could help someone try it 
out for the first time.

What you'll find in this EP:
*Rich Vocal Harmonies & Melodies
*An Uplifting Ambience
*Lots of Acoustic Guitar,
Piano, Symphonic & Classical elements
*Stories of Hope, Light, Love & Strength

Songs I will 
perform live with my band,
if you get a chance
to watch us soon, or someday.

For now

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
for your support, and being
with me on this journey to 
bring the message of this
EP into the light :  )

I am one happy Father today.


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