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What's your favourite song? Your answer could be life-changing one day...

Just in case you fancy watching something 
this weekend (in between enjoying
the preview of my new song "The Path") ; D

 I have a Movie Recommendation!

I recently
watched an amazing documentary on Netflix
called “Alive Inside,”
and it’s about these wonderful
people who champion using music
to mentally and spiritually REVIVE
Alzheimer’s patients - despite the overwhelming
challenges of a system and govt that frankly -
couldn't give a s**t.

My Grandmother was sharp
as a needle till the very "end", and
I'm convinced it's because
she loved and played music
(she was a classical pianist) :  )

Other people are not so lucky it seems.
People with Alzheimers, are often sadly referred
to as “the living dead.”
Their world is extremely lonely and confusing,
many of them forget everything that
makes up their identity.

Souls once young and full of energy stare at the
floor with no way to
access and enjoy their memories.

Then, comes the miracle....

The social workers in this documentary found that
by finding the favorite songs of their patients, and preparing 
customized playlists...when the headphones started playing
their favorite music on iPods,

their souls magically returned
into their eyes! I’m not kidding, it is one of the most
moving, incredible things I’ve ever seen.

These people who can’t even recognize/remember
their own loved ones, or their own names -
start recalling memories of their lives

Music is the bridge that unlocks the long lost
world of their gives them back their identity,
and their dignity.

This documentary suddenly made me realise
that musicians,
are waaaaaaay more than just entertainers...

We're ushers of emotions. Conduits for something
greater than we are, to create medicine
that has the power to LITERALLY heal souls. We
empower & encourage.

What a great honor and responsibility to
touch the lives of others so deeply. Something
that I now take very seriously.
And I'm glad you're with me, for the journey :  )

I encourage you to check out the “Alive Inside”
documentary and let me know how it touches you.

I hope it inspires you to connect with
your loved ones on a different level,
and maybe if you know
someone who has a relative
with this condition,
tell them about the documentary as well,
ask them to check it out.

I believe in the power & beauty of music - 
I'm passing it on, to you...


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