Mark Villarosa

What if Soy Milk is just Regular Milk introducing itself in Spanish?..

I've always been excited about re-inventing myself (for the better)

The concept of "I Am" has always been a very 

fluid notion through the years.

My periods of "reinvention" usually
followed a crisis, a heartache,
a disappointment, a loss.

Have you ever had that feeling?
where you felt lost? seeking inspiration
or direction that seemed to be missing in your life
at the time?

I know how that feels too.

There's this phrase I read recently, which 
resounded with me:

"Life isn't about finding yourself,
it's about creating yourself."

Love that.

Because saying you're trying to "find yourself", 
or "find your way around or through" something
sounds like you're lost doesn't it?

But what if you're not lost? what if where you 
are is exactly where you need to be 
at this exact time

And where you go from here in your life and with your life, 
is 100% in your power,
and choice - 
to create.

That's a
a kick-ass 
thought don't you think?

I'm a great believer that anytime
you start your sentence with "I Am",
you are creating what you are,
and what you want to be

Soy Happy
Soy Having Fun
Soy Healthy
Soy Latte 
: D
(not sure about the last one)

And on the note of creation! 
My CD is very nearly ready 
to be unveiled! WooHoo.

I am VERY excited to also launch the CD digitally on 
iTunes & Amazon!

I can't wait for you to have a copy
and hopefully feel inspired, energized, uplifted
and empowered by the music
I've written.
My dream come true.

Oh, btw - I just uploaded a new video
teaser for my single "Hangover" with one of my 
fans dancing along to it

I love the quirkiness, honesty,
energy & creativity of
how he interprets my song -
it's an honour to share
his talent with you.

Hope it inspires & entertains you too :  )

Dancing with a Hangover

Stay Cool. Stay Beautiful. Soy.



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