Mark Villarosa

The Secret

Quick question – curious, who in popular modern (or historical)
culture would you consider to be your “hero” / “heroine”?
can be a real person or fictitious.

I’m guessing you’re the kind of person that believes in
creating your own reality and making things happen
proactively rather than waiting and just hoping for things to happen.

A lot of who we are now and/or aspire to be is 
often embodied in the kind of people
and values we admire.

Are you on Netflix? If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this
movie called “The Secret” (Directed by Drew Heriot).

I love it, if you’re not into that sort of thing? it’s still great
entertainment and an interesting alternative point of view, and if (like me)
you’re a believer in that sort of thing, it’s a fantastic journey
into how this “secret” has helped some of the
greatest people in history (Da Vinci, Plato, Einstein)
achieve their dreams and the heights of personal creation.
Check it out.

So, in the meantime in the world of MV
some updates!

I’m presently writing this in the recording studio,
as we master the final version of my EP, and it's sounding fantabulous,
I actually have a tear in my eye listening to it ; D
should be releasing it officially on iTunes in September.

I’m presently hunting for a drummer and bass player to
join me in a band for an epic EP launch
party (which you’re already invited to) –
if you know anyone who might want to help me
and can play (drums or bass)? Let me know please.

The recent gig at the St Moritz Soho, was great fun –
thank you if you came along to it. I’ve got some
pics off the gig on Instagram, if you’re not following me yet –
do so.

Follow me on Instragram

I’ll be posting more pics and videos of
me playing acoustic tunes very soon on
Facebook/Instagram/YouTube et, and I’m
thinking of taking requests! so you can tell me
what songs you’d like me to learn and I’ll have a go,
in my own personal style – We can fun with it  ;  )

Till then…



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