Mark Villarosa

The Path Less Travelled

As I was going for a run one early Sunday morning, I took a pic of the Path ahead on my phone.
I thought it a very good symbol that sums up what it takes to be true to oneself.

Big decisions and big changes often require a lot of courage and faith to put into action.

It takes a fair amount of courage to even begin to start down a path (that no one is on) and a great deal of faith to trust that the way you’ve chosen - is the right one.

The biggest ripples of change have come from people who were willing to stake their claim and forge ahead, often doing so (initially) alone.

So defend your dream. Be it large or small. Success is not about how much money you’ve’s about saying you’re going to do something ...and then actually going ahead and doing it.

Money can be can be lost...but your dreams are something no-one can take away, unless you let them.

So if ever you find yourself down a path that no one is on, where it’s just you and the way ahead - consider it an opportunity to revel in the challenge, to test yourself (against yourself), stretch your boundaries, to see what you’re capable of.

Very often, you will surprise yourself at just how strong, resilient, resourceful and capable you really are - and the fear, pain and hardship that you initially had to endure and overcome, was in fact (and beautifully so) the catalyst - that brought it all out.




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