Mark Villarosa


When asked for my name by the barista recently, I answered,
“Mark, with a K.” Minute later, he hands me my coffee
with my name written on the side: Kark.

Thought I'd share that with you  
made me chuckle
at the time.
Also reminded me to be mindful
of how I wish for things, as the universe might
 just give it (literally).

There may have been times
when you've wanted something
so much, you put your heart & soul
into achieving it. Maybe it didn't
come to you in the exact way you imagined it
maybe it's still on its way to you?
in a way you won't expect.

I wrote a song called "Stronger
about the power of something
so unyielding it has no other course
but to be expressed and brought
to life.

Sometimes that feeling is love,
sometimes it's a desire to succeed, sometimes
it's an undeniable, insatiable 
urge to change for the better and
realise your dreams.

I think the trick is learning to let go, trusting
that it's on it's way to you,
and allowing yourself
 to receive it.

Even if it 's spelt: Kark

Here's a video of me playing Stronger (Unplugged):

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