Mark Villarosa

Some of my 2016 lessons, I pass you...

I gift these to you, from 12 months of joy and pain I've lived through : D

1) Adopt a Radical form of responsibility - Take responsibility for EVERYTHING that occurs in your life. Sure, not everything is in your control, yes sometimes people can be arseholes and right "C U Next Tuesdays", BUT it's still (and always will be) your responsibility how:

a) you interpret/extract the meaning from it

b) you react

c) you (and you alone) are going to get yourself through it

regardless of whose "fault" it is.

2) Be at home with uncertainty - Acknowledge that from time to time (or maybe often!) you will be ignorant about many things, and in doubt of your abilities, beliefs and outcome of events. Accept that this is all part of the journey of self discovery and the seeds of eventual "breakthroughs" and "Eureka" moments in your life.

Whenever you feel lacking, or inadequate, or defeated - take it as a sign that you are seeking something better for yourself.

3) The next, is failure - Use fear of failure POSITIVELY, by being willing to discover and face your flaws, weaknesses and mistakes, so that you can IMPROVE upon them.

4) Rejection - Cultivate the ability to both, hear and SAY "No" in your life. Whenever you say no to something OR...when someone says No to you - look upon it as space being made in your life, for something better that's just around the corner.



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