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Is it time you got your shit together?...


There comes a time in every one’s life where they have to decide: Am I going to get my s**t together, or am I just going to breeze through life? there's no wrong or right answer, one persons idea of a happy meaningful life may not be anothers.

But if you choose positive change, however painful or difficult the process then here are some of the best times (in my experience) to do it.

1. In the words of the band "Free": All Right NOW...


Wow. Hangover is being played a LOT on UK Radio!...


Wow. "Hangover" is being played & supported by these radio stations! Thnx guys. Can't wait to get my EP out now! : D



EP is nearly done!...


I got so much done this month, all 5 tracks of my upcoming EP have been recorded! now it's jus titme to edit, mix and master the songs.

I'm also thinking of getting some limited edition CD's done for the EP, as a keepsake for those of you who want them :  )

I feel exhausted tbh, I think it's because of the energy I've expended to make this happen Tired...but happy.

I think it's time for a nice relaxing cuppa.


What's your favourite song? Your answer could be life-changing one day...


Just in case you fancy watching something 
this weekend (in between enjoying
the preview of my new song "The Path") ; D

 I have a Movie Recommendation!..


New song - super sneak preview

I'm setting up a private "treat" for you
this coming Saturday...


Feeling stuck...that's a good thing right?


I just wanted you to know that if somewhere
along your journey you feel stuck, confused, frustrated,
or even overwhelmed.... you're totally normal
and in good company : D



Exclusive preview of my new song "The Path"...


I'll be setting up a private page for listening to my new song "The Path". I've been working hard on this in the studio and we're a good few months away from launching the EP but I'm very excited to give a preview of what we've been working so hard on.

This will only be available for people on my mailing list. If you're not on it yet, get on it! and you'll have some free acoustic songs I've written as a bonus for coming onbard ;  ) Sign up here

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It's Feb - Launch month for Hangover!

Home, is where your heart is (from)...


My Passport says I'm British, My outlook (and a bit of my accent) says I'm from London, but my heart is, in the islands of the Philippines, where it was born. 



Hangover is NEARLY ready to Launch on iTunes...


How's it going, hope 2017 is going well for you so far! 

Just wanted to share a few updates...