Mark Villarosa

The Kind of Confidence that ROCKS


It's about building real CONFIDENCE, rock solid confidence – the kind that stems from deep WITHIN you.

Something every person under the sun longs for and looks damn good in.


My EP is DONE!!


Feels weird to say those words.

I left my producers studio on Saturday and felt a little bit...lost : D

I felt like, is that it? but I want to work on it some more. No more early Saturday mornings (sometimes with a hangover) working on a project which has become a labour of love - and one that I'm VERY proud of...




When asked for my name by the barista recently, I answered,
“Mark, with a K.” Minute later, he hands me my coffee
with my name written on the side: Kark.




Just got home after a mini (open mic) gig deliberately test-driving my CD's songs to a brand new audience (the acid test).


Win a FREE signed copy of my CD


Hi Guys, I need a little help please. Be a part of deciding the title track of my upcoming CD! help me decide please, and I'll enter you into a prize draw to receive a FREE personal signed copy of my CD



The Secret


Quick question – curious, who in popular modern (or historical)
culture would you consider to be your “hero” / “heroine”?
can be a real person or fictitious...


Stupendous Gig


Had a really great time @ the St Moritz Soho gig - MV fans turned out in full force as per usual bringing their best vibe :  )

Looking forward to bringing a full band there next time to help me play the songs on my EP!

Exciting times - stay tuned.



Excited about the St Moritz Gig coming up...


I hope I get to see you there.

I know it's been a really looooong labour of love to get the EP finished - I assure you, once you finally hear it, you'll (hopefully) understand the amount of care and energy I put into making it happen...


Hard Rock Cafe Gig!

Exclusive EP Preview!


I'll be providing an exclusive/private EP preview of all my new tracks and asking for your opinions soon