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Exclusive preview of my new song "The Path"...


I'll be setting up a private page for listening to my new song "The Path". I've been working hard on this in the studio and we're a good few months away from launching the EP but I'm very excited to give a preview of what we've been working so hard on.

This will only be available for people on my mailing list. If you're not on it yet, get on it! and you'll have some free acoustic songs I've written as a bonus for coming onbard ;  ) Sign up here

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It's Feb - Launch month for Hangover!

Home, is where your heart is (from)...


My Passport says I'm British, My outlook (and a bit of my accent) says I'm from London, but my heart is, in the islands of the Philippines, where it was born. 

I must admit, that whenever I visit the Philippines nowadays, I see less and less of what I remember when I was a child, but that's mostly visual stuff like infrastructure, buildings and roads. One thing that seems to remain constant, is that Filipinos innately and instinctively know how to turn strangers into instant friends.

They're kind, polite (to a fault), and one of the friendliest people on earth. They have an in born optimism and cheerfulness that can (literally) withstand, outlive and make light of ANY storm - natural, or man made.

I can't praise Filipinos enough, these are just some of the reasons you'll fall completely in love with the Philippine islands.

Here are 20 reasons why you should visit the Islands someday (erm, that's a note to self as well) : D


Hangover is NEARLY ready to Launch on iTunes...


How's it going, hope 2017 is going well for you so far! 

Just wanted to share a few updates...

My single "Hangover" is nearly ready to launch online on stores like iTunes, it's been mixed and mastered with lots of love (and tears), so hopefully you'll enjoy playing it on your phone, laptop, car journey...everywhere! ; )

A London PR company (who specialise in promoting acoustic singer songwriters) are going to help me spread the single around various media & music blog sites online, so that's an exciting new development (and v welcome help)

Oh, and I'm now also in the studio with my producer, working on my upcoming EP! (wc I'm targeting to release b4/by Spring),

I'll give you a heads up when "Hangover" is available to download online (maybe in a few weeks time),

In the meantime - here's a preview of the finished single,

Hit reply whenever you can, be great to hear from you, let me know what you think of the project...

Click here to preview Hangover.

PS: If you know of/listen to any internet radio stations that might be interested in adding Hangover to their playlist, let me know ;  )



The Single is Mastered. My Life's Calling has been fulfilled(?)...


I'm very happy to have completed the recording, mixing and mastering of my single "Hangover" at last!

Even as I prepare to release it to the world via the internet, It's given me pause to think about why I'm doing this. 

I'm no longer chasing fame, maybe when I was much younger, yes - but now things are a little different - I'm doing this,'s what I do, and I enjoy it. I'm just a songwriter, genetically programmed to write songs.

Some people may feel compelled to conquer Mount Everest, write a novel, or launch a tech business as their life's calling, well...this is mine.

My dream, is to launch a single, then an EP, then eventually a full album containing my observations of the world, painted onto a canvass of songs that will hopefully be played and enjoyed over and over again.

In a world of 7 billion people - if just 7 enjoy and follow my music because it touches them positively and makes them feel good, then I can genuinely say...I'll feel like my life's calling has been fulfilled :  )



I can't believe how difficult it is to write YOUR OWN Bio!

Working on a new EP (a decade later)

My creativity is starting to flow (again)...


My creativity is starting to flow (again), and I'm feeling momentum which is motivating me to keep moving. 

Some things that have become apparent, which I'd like to share with you applicable to other things not just music!

#1: Slow down in order to speed up.

I HATE and am crap at details. However, (re)learning to understand how my music fits into the new digital landscape, I've had to educate myself on a few things, such as not just marketing but also how to actually BUILD a website, and also distribute my music through various digital channels - cut a long story short, now that I've taken the time to slooooooooow things down a bit, read the small print and familiarise myself with the ins and outs of these things

it REALLY has seemingly sped up the process of just about everything else! writing, marketing and ideas - which are now also flowing and coming at me - I have to write them all down lest I forget, or lose a gem!

So, counterintuitive as it may sound/feel/be - slowing things down (esp when learning something new), and taking your time can help improve your productivity, and also affect other areas in your life, positively.

#2: For more creative ideas, do LESS, rest MORE, play MORE, laugh MORE. Allow, don't force. And the ideas will come. 

I'm not saying be lazy! : D

but I am definitely saying there is a way that you can allow your brain to be creative, once it has time to relax without focusing on anything else. 

Breathe grasshopper.



You know something is a calling when...


You know something is a calling when you have that nagging voice in the back of your head...

"You're not doing your music..."

"It's been 3 weeks since you touched your guitar/paino..."

"Agrh! There's been no time!"

"Life is passing me by and I still haven't_____"

Have you ever heard those voices??

I know I hear them frequently when I haven't been working on my music goals and life gets crazy. But here's what I've learned: we must CARVE out the time. It has to be non-negotiable.

There's no "trying" to squeeze something in when it's important. We set a date and a time. And nothing gets in the way of that.

We schedule everything else around that.

When you have a goal and a vision, you must make that a priority.

Be Bad Ass when it comes to your dreams, cause no one else will care about them (or regret not pursuing them) as much as you will.



Some of my 2016 lessons, I pass you...


I gift these to you, from 12 months of joy and pain I've lived through : D

1) Adopt a Radical form of responsibility - Take responsibility for EVERYTHING that occurs in your life. Sure, not everything is in your control, yes sometimes people can be arseholes and right "C U Next Tuesdays", BUT it's still (and always will be) your responsibility how:

a) you interpret/extract the meaning from it

b) you react

c) you (and you alone) are going to get yourself through it

regardless of whose "fault" it is.

2) Be at home with uncertainty - Acknowledge that from time to time (or maybe often!) you will be ignorant about many things, and in doubt of your abilities, beliefs and outcome of events. Accept that this is all part of the journey of self discovery and the seeds of eventual "breakthroughs" and "Eureka" moments in your life.

Whenever you feel lacking, or inadequate, or defeated - take it as a sign that you are seeking something better for yourself.

3) The next, is failure - Use fear of failure POSITIVELY, by being willing to discover and face your flaws, weaknesses and mistakes, so that you can IMPROVE upon them.

4) Rejection - Cultivate the ability to both, hear and SAY "No" in your life. Whenever you say no to something OR...when someone says No to you - look upon it as space being made in your life, for something better that's just around the corner.