Mark Villarosa

My CD Album Cover: It's Ready!


Received this comment on 
a song I posted on my
Facebook page recently:

"Love this Mark!!! It made me cry and smile......
I have been through so much over the past few years
and this song truly speaks to my heart...
as I am certain that it will also resonate
with others facing life's heartaches, challenges..."


The Path Less Travelled

As I was going for a run one early Sunday morning, I took a pic of the Path ahead on my phone.
I thought it a very good symbol that sums up what it takes to be true to oneself...

Don't give up on your dreams...


They are what define us.

They motivate us to "give a shit".

To push forward, no matter what.

It's what makes us special, as humans.

You're never too old.

Or too young.

Or too poor.

If you have a dream ... a burning desire, use it as the rocket fuel to propel you forward.


and "the way" to make it happen...



When your soul is on fire


So MUCH is happening lately (the band, the CD, the launch gig, the Music, the Music lol), I literally can't sleep lol yet wake, fully energised. 

They say: "sleep doesn't matter if it's your soul that's tired". Well, the same is true, when your soul is on fire

MV - more updates soon, stay with me 



Fun Time Ahead!..


"A young child says to his mother,
"Mum, when I grow up I'd like to be a musician."
His mother replies, "Well honey, don't be silly -
you know you can't do both." 





 “Whatever you feed your mind, directly affects your
mentality, your beliefs, and your mood”

There’s this “trick” I learned from Michael Jordan –
one of the greatest athletes the world has ever known...


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How you doin? : )

I am presently writing this inside my weekend getaway
apartment in Budapest Hungary (beautiful city)...




I've known people through the years who have suffered from depression. A darkness so overwhelming it has taken the life of one of my friends.

I too have known this darkness. With the help of loved ones & music, I managed to fight through it - and make it to the other side.

This song is part of my "mission" to help others who may be going through difficult times. So that they too might find comfort, hope & strength through the power of music.

Listen to Darkness


What if Soy Milk is just Regular Milk introducing itself in Spanish?..


I've always been excited about re-inventing myself (for the better)

The concept of "I am" has always been a very 

fluid notion through the years...


Loved my Westfield Gig!


Wow. Just got home after doing my Westfield Gig. It was bloody amazing, more so because I had a surprising audience turn up of lovely people I didn't know who just sat through my set and applauded my songs they never heard before : D