Mark Villarosa

Loved my Westfield Gig!

Can I get a whoop whoop pls?.. Just faced my fears AGAIN.
Just got home after doing my solo acoustic Westfield Gig. It was bloody amazing, more so because I had a surprising audience turn up of lovely people I didn't know who just sat through my set and applauded my songs w/c they never heard before - the one that got the most applause seemed to be "I Want to Believe"
That's the acid test right? And one that's terrifying to me every single time I play these songs to a brand new audience. But when things like this happen and I get a warm response from people who don't know me, my confidence grows more and more for my new CD's songs : )
I mean, if complete strangers enjoy these songs, hopefully my own fans will too right? ; D that's what I'm hoping anyway! ; )
I can't wait for you guys to own your own copy of my upcoming CD, playing it, singing the songs and feeling inspired, uplifted, comforted and EMPOWERED by the music I've written for you.
Soon, it's coming soon!....

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