Mark Villarosa

I've been pretty quiet lately I know - but I want to see you again

You know that saying when one part of your life goes spectacularly well? another part goes disastrously wrong?

Well, thankfully that's not true in my case lately lol phew

LOTS of things have been going very well for me - but it also means I've got much less time than I used to - to just play music.

  • I've recently written and published a book which is now on Amazon.
  • I've been doing a lot of home (online) study to hone my skills in (amongst other things) writing, and public speaking
  • I'm currently doing some freelance work helping (the) Tony Robbins with his upcoming London event "Unleash The Power Within"

So, I think it's safe to say I've been a liiiiiittle bit busy lately :  )

However, Music is my FIRST and always will be, Love - so sooner or later, I do come back to her.

Got a special Show coming up in April. If you're in London around that time (or live here) lol then I would (hopefully) love to see you there. Deets in my event page.




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