Mark Villarosa

It's important to me that you're happy...

If you already got a copy or 
downloaded my EP? just 
want to say a massive thanks to you.

PLEASE let me know if 
there are any issues with 
ordering or receiving it ok?

The EP is "Me" in Music form ;  )

So it's important to me
that you're happy and receive
the product safe & sound -
(digitally or physically) 
So you can ENJOY it,
the main reason behind
all the hard work in making it! : D

So please let me know 
how it goes ok?

For physical CD's
I've been using CDBaby 
for many years now, they are
a trustworthy company run by
people who are also
artists & musicians and really care.

They make global CD distribution
easier for independent
artists like me. They
handle everything with TLC,
as if it were their own product,
which is why I'm with them.

Please let me know your
feedback or any 
questions you may have
about ordering/delivery etc

I'll be happy to help.

This music is for you,
so your voice counts
most of all :  )

Click any of the links below
to get your copy of
"A Man Who Dreams Awake"

-----} For Physical CD's order via: CDBaby

-----} Download the EP via: Amazon

-----} Download the EP via: iTunes

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You again
for your support, and being
with me on this journey to 
share the message & light of this
EP with the world.


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