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Is it time you got your shit together?...

There comes a time in every one’s life where they have to decide: Am I going to get my s**t together, or am I just going to breeze through life? there's no wrong or right answer, one persons idea of a happy meaningful life may not be anothers.

But if you choose positive change, however painful or difficult the process then here are some of the best times (in my experience) to do it.

1. In the words of the band "Free": All Right NOW

Not tomorrow, not the day after. Make the commitment right now and just stand up from your desk and leave that job you don’t like. Or get off the couch and get a job you do like.

One of the best questions you can ask yourself is: Why. Why do I want out of this situation.

Why do I want things to be better than they are now. The why can act as "fuel", to make the changes you need to be happier where you already are -

Or, to getcha motor running and get the hell outta there (as the Born to Be Wild intro riff starts playing) : D

There's a famous saying that “Knowledge is power.” Not 100% true; knowledge is potential power. Knowledge applied with purpose & action is REAL power.

Action is the bridge between potential power and actual power, so putting one foot in front of the other – as soon as possible – gets you on the path.

Just thinking about it alone, doesn’t.

2. After your biggest setback

Did you lose your job? (I did, more than once...the most difficult ones were just after 9/11 and then another one during the global recession when the banks crashed) Well, all that means is that now you have nothing holding you back from starting your business - or finding a job that really suits who you are, makes you happy and where feel appreciated and valued.

When your back is up against the wall and you have nothing to lose, you can be more resourceful and more effective and focused than ever - than when you’re safe and comfortable.

For every person who falls into a depression after getting fired, there’s someone out there who uses it as success fuel. Steve Jobs got fired from Apple for being a difficult, immature person to work with. He apparently never became easy to work with, but he matured and stormed back into Apple and made it one of the most phenomenally successful companies of our day, you might even be reading this on an iPhone or tablet (nuff said).

Don’t take a setback as condemnation. Take it as a challenge. TAKE IT AS A SIGN.

3. Peak state

You have more control over what you "think" than anything else in the universe. Start there. Focus on what’s good about a situation rather than what’s bad. Reinforce the things you’re good at instead of doubting and saying negative things to yourself.

Spend time each day focusing on what’s already good in your life and what more you could accomplish to make you happy - keep your focus there. Start lifting weights, take a boxing class, or test drive that dream car – something that makes you feel physically and mentally powerful and free.

Before long, you’ll find yourself in a state where you feel like you are capable of great things, all the time. In that state, the mountain doesn’t seem so high and the landscape isn't so dark – and that’s the perfect moment to take a concrete step towards progress.

Sign up for a workshop or language class. Call that company that’s hiring and in addition to sending in your CV, speak directly to the head of HR tell them you've just sent in your CV and to watch out for it, tell them you're keen and why (Yes, I've done this ; )).

You’ll be amazed that progress actually isn’t as tough as you had made it out to be in your head, when you're in a peak physical, mental state. "Trick" your body into success. It WILL respond.

4. When you’re starting a new relationship

It’s only human to project the best version of yourself when you’re just starting to date someone (I do. Erm, don't we all? or is it just me? ; D). Then they find out the real you and the party's over haha. But seriously, what if it didn’t have to be that way? What IF... instead of projecting that ideal version, you just, well...became it?

Since this person already views you the way you want to view yourself, it gives you something to live up to - your own personal benchmark. It gives you something to reach for. You become your own moral compass, you become your own mentor.

At first, you’re doing the things the “ideal you” would do, but before long, you’re doing them because that’s who you are. It’s a subtle, incremental shift, but a powerful one and one that doesn't require anyone else but you, to make it happen.

5. When you know what you want and why you want it

One of the most overlooked aspects of the road to self fulfilment is having meaningful goals. Maybe your goal is to start a successful business, maybe it’s a particular job, maybe it’s a type of lifestyle that would make you happy, or to make a positive contribution to society and help others.

Whatever your reasons are, these are the things that will get you (out of bed) to do the work when things get difficult (and those times will come). You might think, (big sigh) “I don’t want to do my own taxes", or "being self employed sounds scary", or "I can't be bothered reading/learning this book on coding websites, but wait, starting my own business is going to make me feel so much happier than if I stay here working for this asshole of a boss,” and you’ll get that website coding training into your head FASTER than ever : D

Without strong reasons, the couch will seem like a safer more comfortable option.

Good reasons give you fuel and "soul juice". So figure out what you want and why you want it...and DO IT (as AC/DC's Back in Black intro guitar riff starts playing) : D


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