Mark Villarosa


“Whatever you feed your mind, directly affects your
mentality, your beliefs, and your mood”

There’s this “trick” I learned from Michael Jordan –
one of the greatest athletes the world has ever known.

Jordan needed a quick pick-me-up during important games –
sometimes, he needed an INSTANT power surge,
just before a crucial game.

How did he do it? Did he read a book?
Work out his body? Stay silent in a quiet corner?

Answer: Michael Jordan literally BrainWASHED himself,
with Music.

Like me, you’ve probably got a playlist on your music player?
Here’s what I want you to try.

Create a new & separate “playlist” and fill it ONLY with songs
that evoke fun, light, power, abundance,
playfulness, silliness, joy & pleasure.

Give your playlist a name, one that’s fun 
Like “Power Tunes” or “Guilty Pleasures” :D

Play your playlist on the way to work, in the gym –
let the Music subconsciously work its way into your mind.
Look upon these songs as your
good-vibe army of feel-good friends 

If you end up doing it? Randomly choose the
first 3 songs on your playlist let me know what they are:

Here are mine:
Pride – U2
I knew you were waiting – Aretha Franklin & George Michael
And we Danced – The Hooters

Some MV music updates:

I’ll be unveiling the Album Cover of my CD in my next email –
I want you to be one of the first to see it! Woohoo.

There will be a limited number of physical CD’s printed -
I hope you pick one up as a memento :  )

Here’s a pic of me overlooking the River Danube in Budapest -
what an inspiring trip. I recommend you visit sometime.

I’m flying back to London now, looking forward to
practicing with my LIVE BAND – yes, I have a band now ;  )

Stay Cool. Stay Strong. Be Inspired.

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