Mark Villarosa

I need a Band! Can you Help...

Just putting it out there!

I need a band to jam and play my music with LIVE.

If you know anyone based in the London area, who's up for jamming and having fun along the way, leave me a message please

I’m searching for a:

  • Drummer
  • Bass player
  • Keyboardist
  • Electric/Lead guitarist
  • Acoustic guitarist

If they can sing backing vocals in harmony as well, massive bonus.

This would suit a London based:

  • Seasoned musician hobbyist, who wants to play live from time to time, with no intense commitment
  • Fellow songwriter/musician with their own music project and interested in “Skill Swapping” with me i.e. you play in my music project, and in return - I’ll play in your music project (arrangement)

If you know a person with positive energy and looking for a “ready made vehicle” to play music in AND have fun, laughs and feel inspired along the way, please get them touch in with me. I look forward to hearing from you!


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