Mark Villarosa

Help Me Celebrate The Birthday Of...

Wow, it's October already??

Help me celebrate the "birthday" of my EP :  )

Saturday Oct 13
The Spice of Life
6 Moor Street, W1D 5NA 

Some helpful tips (cause I love you like that):

1. It's cheaper to purchase your tickets in advance ;  )
Get them here.

2. If you want table seating? best book it early (free of charge)
Call the venue directly: 020 7437 7013

3. If you haven't got your CD yet - they will be 
available at the venue - if you can? let me know
if you want one pls, so I can guage numbers, thanks ;  )

4. The night starts at 7 pm, I'm onstage at 10:30 pm
feel free to come early, so you can enjoy a full
night of excellent live music

I love the Spice of Life, 
I hope you do too
it's an intimate candle-lit music venue in the 
heart of London's Soho. 

See you Soon!


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