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Fun Time Ahead!..

"A young child says to his mother,
"Mum, when I grow up I'd like to be a musician."
His mother replies, "Well honey, don't be silly -
you know you can't do both." 

Is that the elixir of youth? 
Keeping a fresh, vibrant, daring and dreamy
outlook on life. The kind of outlook
 a kid naturally has - where there
are only endless possibilities - of being something
amazing and
doing something fun: Rain or Shine.

At what point does that outlook get taught
out of us? or maybe during our journey
towards adulthood we just
leave behind, or even forget...
our true selves?

I read this quote recently, loved it so 
much I'd like to share it with you:

It goes - 

Seek that "thing" that makes you 
come alive, that makes your heart swell,
sets your soul on fire. That makes time slow and
stand still.
When you find this "thing",
be with it as much as you can,
this is your calling, the "thing" you 
are meant to do...and to be. 

Love that :  )

MV Update

Finally got my support band together. WooHoo.
We had our 1st ever band rehearsal on Sunday.
Great bunch of guys, talented musicians.
I feel very grateful to have them onboard to 
help me play my music -
and erm, enjoy a few drinks at rehearsals with 🍻😁

Here's a pic of me & my new band
wishing you a (very un-grown-up)
fun time ahead - whatever you do!😉

Stay Cool. Stay Strong. Have Fun.

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