Mark Villarosa

Feeling stuck...that's a good thing right?

I just wanted you to know that if somewhere
along your journey you feel stuck, confused, frustrated,
or even overwhelmed.... you're totally normal
and in good company : D

In fact, I would say if you don't feel like that
at some point? it means there's no growth happening!

There were times when I felt I was hitting
roadblock after roadblock and 
I wanted to (literally) pull my hair out.
In fact I think I did?
Probaby why I wear it short nowadays.

Besides juggling a full time job, two 
freelance businesses 
and at times
the demands & stresses 
of heart relationships,
(whether they were going well or not!)
there were (and are) periods
where I have little
to almost zero energy left.

I just want to share something
that's really helped me along the way (and still does).
which is...

To take things one step at a time.
Allow yourself time to grow..progress and move on.

Feeling stuck (I've learned) is a in fact a GREAT sign
of growth...or of desire for growth.

So next time you're feeling
"stuck"...why not celebrate it?!

You're probably on your way to a (major)
breakthrough, just give yourself time
and constant pats on the back
while you figure things out, one step at a time,
as the "answers" - make their way to you,

Our journey is a road trip,
not a sprint :  )

Till the next time,


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