Mark Villarosa

Excited about the St Moritz Gig coming up...

I hope I get to see you there.

I know it's been a really looooong labour of love to get the EP finished - I assure you, once you finally hear it, you'll (hopefully) understand the amount of care and energy I put into making it happen. I really wanted each song to speak as if it were me speaking directly to you, with messages that were full of light, hope and positivity. Which is where I am right now with my life, so wanted to share that feeling through the EP.

Yes! I am also a damned perfectionist haha which admittedly has added to the delay - but hey, if something is worth doing right, it's worth taking time over yes? :  )

So anyway I bloody hope they have air conditioning at this venue I'm playing at it's been majorly hot this summer in London, would have loved it 100% if not for my hay fever, but at least we have great sunny days which has been a real blessing after a long cold winter. 

Ok, speak to you again soon and hope you're having a great year so far yourself! 



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