Mark Villarosa

My EP is DONE!!

Feels weird to say those words.

I left my producers studio on Saturday and felt a little bit...lost : D

I felt like, is that it? but I want to work on it some more. No more early Saturday mornings (sometimes with a hangover) working on a project which has become a labour of love - and one that I'm VERY proud of.

I guess this process is what all artists go through? you've come to the end of something you've spent so much time, energy on - you're now faced with the reality that it's come to an end. In a way, you've got to say goodbye (to the recording process) and start a new beginning of playing it and sending it out to the world - so real people can hear it : D

I'm excited, happy, nervous, exhilarated and...sad - all at the same time. 

So, here I am with the finished professionally mastered shiny recordings of my CD. Next step is to make the CD album cover!

Your opinion of which song is in your opinion the stand-out track, will help give me a feel for the album artwork look & feel ;  ) 

So, if you haven't done it yet? there's still time!

1. Head on over to the previews and let me know which ONE you think is your favourite. Click Here.

2. Then email me your song title choice and your email address, so I can include you in a prize draw to win a signed copy of my CD.

Lots of Love & Thanks in advance for listening & your support of my music and my good-vibe mission!



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