Mark Villarosa

Changes. Are you in?..

How you doin? All good I hope.

So, as for the "changes" I mentioned were happening..
(Drum Roll)
tbh, you may hardly even notice
but it's quite a big thing for me.

Firstly, as far as who I am, what I believe in,
what I'm passionate about,
and how I try to encourage others

Those things won't (and will never)
change, as they are a part of me.

What IS happening, is I'm embarking
on a journey which involves turning
the things I believe in, things I am passionate about,
things I'm inspired by
and things I enjoy & love doing
into a Business.

The word "FREEDOM" can mean different
things to different people. You probably have
your own kind of meaning attached to it.

For some, it might mean "Financial" freedom, having
enough money to do whatever they want, anytime that they want,
to travel, see the world

or maybe it means having more than enough money
to liberate and help others
to be able to give and share with whoever they want to
anytime they choose to do so

For others it might mean "Time" freedom,
liberty to pursue the things they love most,
things that move their souls,

maybe that's time with
loved ones, friends,

or to indulge a passionate hobby that's
been set aside "on the shelf".

For me? it happens to be all those things!

So my journey is about turning "Mark Villarosa" into a brand.

A Digital Marketing Businesss that will allow me
to earn from various (online) income streams
enabling me to earn a living WITHOUT having to
be tied down to a desk job in an office 9 - 5

"Freedom" that will allow me travel the world,
see its beautiful beaches, (play my guitar on some of them) and allow me to
spread my message of positvity and the healing power of
music, wherever I go.

So my pages and messages will contain
some commerical endorsements from
time to time of products and services I am
"selling" - most importantly these will
ALWAYS and ONLY be things I believe in and believe
will help people, which I've either tried
myself, or am currently using personally.

From time to time, I will also be offering
advice, guidance and an opportunity for people to learn the digital online, ecommerce skills if they wish to develop an online business of their own.

So, I understand this won't be everyone's cup of tea.
I hope you stay but

You are free to go - and unsubscribe/unfollow me ANYTIME.
But if you choose to remain with me?

Thank You, you are very welcome to
share this journey with me,
in whatever way you choose.

And rest assured, I'm not changing.

I'm still the same guy you started
following (however long ago).

I'm just turning what I love doing most,
into a digital business that will help to "free" me
so I can do what I do best, and love most in life:
Helping Others, Playing Music & Travelling.

Whatever happens...

I'll still continue to share my positive thoughts and my music,
to help empower and inspire you.


Free To Be


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