Mark Villarosa

Building the MV "Good-Vibe"Army

The New CD is on the way!

With the completion of what has been
a true labour of love
my New CD
'A Man Who Dreams Awake'
is almost ready to launch on Saturday, September 29th!

What you'll find in this CD:
*Rich Vocal Harmonies & Melodies
*An Uplifting Ambience
*Lots of Acoustic Guitar,
Piano, Symphonic & Classical elements
*Stories of Hope, Light, Strength & Love

If you enjoyed my single "Hangover"?

You're going to love this EP ;  )

Done in
collaboration (once again) with 
Hangover's talented producer 
"Insert. Play. Smile"

There's a lot of amazing energy going on in this CD!
It releases Saturday, September 29th.

Want to help me make this CD launch
special & phenomenal?

Join the "MV Good-Vibe Army" and help
me spread the Good-Vibes of this CD!

Please send me a message, saying "Yes" :  )

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