Mark Villarosa

A**holes & D***heads

I used to have the mindsight of ONLY allowing good, humble, kind, gentle, positive people into my midst.
Now, I have a different take. I allow a**holes and d***heads around me more nowadays : D
The reason? I believe now, that even those kinds of people have a place and meaning in our journey. Often these types of people are "reasonal" or "seasonal" (I thiiiiink I just invented the word "reasonal")
ie they come to us for a reason, or a certain amount of time, to teach us or give us something.
They too, can show us something very valuable which we may need at that time (though it my not be immediately clear to us at first).
They may teach us to become stronger, wiser, more courageous, more resilient, they may even "force" us to stand up for ourselves and to (finally) discover our true sense of worth and innate value.
The key I've found is to observe without overly reacting, and to calmly study and use the lessons learned to make yourself an even better version of yourself, and to help others.
Sometimes when you least expect it...these people can even become friends or (surprising) allies, later on. Sometimes. Just don't hold your breath for that ; D
At the very least? if there's no lesson to be had? and they're simply "just" an a**hole? you can still learn something from them:
How "not" to be one 💪❤️

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