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A shout out to everyone who came to the CD Launch


A shout out to everyone who came to the CD Launch of "A Man Who Dreams Awake" last night, all the chairs were filled and all the CDs sold. Thank You 😊❤It was a dream come true to play the songs of my new EP live with my brilliant band for friends, family & fans to enjoy. Sending out an army of virtual hugs to all of you💪❤ MV

Pics by Phil Ermiya



  My beautiful family, who were there to support me








I'm looking forward to seeing you this Saturday😊 Oct 13


My band is comprised of v. talented musicians who are helping me play my music. They've all worked hard to learn my songs, so I hope you can come along to celebrate the positive energy that went into making the CD Launch (of "A Man Who Dreams Awake") possible. See you Soon 💪❤️

"One of the best little venues in London" - [Evening Standard]

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Help Me Celebrate The Birthday Of...


Wow, it's October already??

Help me celebrate the "birthday" of my EP :  )


It's important to me that you're happy...


If you already got a copy or 
downloaded my EP? just 
want to say a massive thanks to you...


You Owe it to Yourself to Reach for your Dreams


Bottom line: You owe it to yourself to reach for your dreams, and keep moving in the direction of where they are...


WooHOo! Today is CD Launch Day!


Hello! Wherever you are in the world
Today's the Day! Finally got there.
I wanted to say it to you first...


CD Launch Party!


A doctor and a lawyer were talking at a party.
Their conversation was constantly interrupted
by people describing their ailments and asking the
doctor for (free) medical advice...


My Relationship Status


Now when people ask me if I'm still single,
I can tell them "No, I'm releasing an Album"...


Building the MV "Good-Vibe"Army


The New CD is on the way!

With the completion of what has been
a true labour of love
my New CD
'A Man Who Dreams Awake'
is almost ready to launch on Saturday, September 29th!..


CD will be available to order Sep 29!


"A Man Who Dreams Awake"
Stories of Hope, Strength, Love & Light. 
Coming Soon! CD, Amazon & iTunes